Online Matching For The Long Term

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If I’m looking for a long-term relationship, is online dating appropriate?

Online Matching For The Long Term Tip: If you thought that online matching is just for singles looking to date around, it's not. Online matching can be an effective way to find a long-term relationship that's meaningful and lasting. According to Dr. Helen Fisher, the resident relationship expert for, more people are marrying later in life and are busier with work and a hectic lifestyle.

Online matching at a service like provides a safe forum where you can find prescreened candidates that best match up to your personal profile. Bars and nightclubs don't have to be a last resort for single people looking to meet someone for a relationship. Online matching has proven successful for many people who have used dating services.

What's the reason for the success? When you try a dating service, like, you map out your profile based on a series of questions that define you based on your backgrounds, interests and goals. However, has an added component which other dating services don't have. They use the science of chemistry to determine not only whom you'd be attracted to, but stay attracted to.



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