Guide to Dating: Time

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Is online dating the best use of my time?

Guide to Dating: Time

Some people believe that Internet dating is a waste of time. They think that the process is impersonal and ultimately unsuccessful. The success of millions of people proves them wrong. First, online dating is highly personal – you create a detailed personal profile and publish your dating preferences online. Second, online dating lets you target your dating; you only meet people who share your interests. Lastly, it is hardly a waste of time. Online dating allows you to meet people easily and quickly – helping you to find potential lovers and friends in your city. Compared to vegging on the couch watching television all night, online dating is a great hobby with tremendous potential.



8/31/2007 5:04:30 PM
GI said:

Online dating is a waste of time. It's better for a man or woman to meet people face to face with good friends you hang out with at a bar, party, work, or wedding reception because he/she will see what a good personality and heart you have. Online dating is just meeting people you have same interests with and that is not the way.

10/12/2007 12:42:58 PM
killer said:

good service


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