Dating Tips: Don'ts

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What should I avoid during my date?

Dating Tips: Don'ts

There are lots of dating do's; here are are a few 'do nots' for the first (or any) date. 1. Avoid anything elaborate – plans and situations that are too intricate leave too much room for disaster during a first date. 2. Avoid appearing distracted or not looking into your date's eyes. 3. Don't be boastful; nothing ruins a date more than needless pretension. 4. Don't use the date as personal therapy. The point of the first date is to get to know someone – not to vent your frustrations, hang-ups or personal history. 5. Avoid being self-deprecating and always thank your date for any compliments. 6. Avoid talking about past relationships while on a date. Nothing ruins a first date more quickly than someone who can't stop talking about their ex. 7. Try not to be nervous on your date. A case of nerves can make the date awkward. Don't try to deal with nervousness by consuming alcohol, either; getting drunk will make the situation even more awkward. 8. Keep the first date short. If it's bad, you can both leave quickly; if it's good, you're both left wanting more.



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