Five Things Singles Shouldn't Forget On A First Date

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What things must I remember when I’m going on a first date?

Five Things Singles Shouldn't Forget On A First Date Tip: The singles dating scene can be a pretty mixed bag. For singles looking to make it past the first date to get to know that potential mate a little better, there are some rules of dating to follow. Here are five things singles shouldn't forget on a first date.

1. Your manners. Little thoughts of appreciation like “thank you” show thoughtfulness. Making it on time to a first date show you respect the other person's time.
2. Interest. Pay close attention to what someone says so he or she knows you're interested. Noticing what your date's hobbies are, likes and dislikes can go a long way to moving from a first date to the next one.
3. Compliments. If your date mentions he just snagged a success at work, acknowledge and compliment him on it. If your date just finished her first marathon, let her know how impressed you are.
4. Avoid the Exes. Even if you just broke up with your girlfriend three weeks ago and want to share all the sordid details – don't. No one wants to hear about an ex during a first date.
5. Avoid family discussions. Talking about how many kids you want down the line and your dreams of a home with a picket fence aren't good material for singles to discuss on a first date. If you have to pick a topic of discussion, focus on work, hobbies and your interests.



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