Why Dating For Single Parents Is Easier Than You'd Think

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Is dating for single parents doable?

Why Dating For Single Parents Is Easier Than You'd Think

Chemistry.com Tip: If you're a single parent, you may think the dating scene are waters that can be too difficult to tread. Not so. Dating for single parents is not only possible, but can be fun.

1. You have a lot of options for meeting other single parents, including networking with friends and using a dating service, like Chemistry.com
2. Dating for single parents doesn't have to mean a movie out in the evening when you need to be at home with your kids. Try a brunch during the weekend or a lunchtime get-together when the children are in school.
3. Rather than hiring the babysitter so you can get a night out, let your kids go to a sleepover at a friend or relative's house.
4. You can date someone who is in your situation – like other single parents. Any single parent understands the responsibilities and difficulties of juggling parenthood and kids.



5/17/2007 12:14:33 PM
Leigh said:

This is my situation and I feel like, at least for the moment, I'm the lucky one. I only have one child, and he has three. So I feel like if anyone will have to be understanding, it will be me--and I'm cool with that.


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