Single Dating Ideas For The Parent With Kids

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How do I plan a date if I have kids?

Single Dating Ideas For The Parent With Kids Tip: If you thought single dating as a parent means rushing home at an early hour to check on your child, it's time to re-think that mindset. Single dating, even with kids, can be fun and fulfilling. We've gathered some dating ideas just for those with children.

1. Take the kids with you. Though time alone is always fun, when you need to bring the kids along, a trip to the zoo, amusement park or museum can keep the children entertained while you get some adult conversation in.
2. Schedule a date when your child is in school, childcare or at your ex's place. This could mean watching a matinee rather than a movie in the evening. Or this could mean spending an afternoon on the town rather than a dinner date.
3. Steal shorter blocks of time. Rather than spending the whole day together on a date, steal time for an afternoon coffee or meet up in the morning for a breakfast-to-go and stroll at the beach.



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