Don't Draw Attention To Faults When Using An Online Dating Service

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How do I deal with my faults when dating online?

Don't Draw Attention To Faults When Using An Online Dating Service Tip: Since using an online dating service is still a newer concept, it's not surprising that there are some blatant mistakes that singles make. Using an online dating service is merely the tool to help you meet a potential long-term relationship. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chance for success with an online dating service.

Don't call attention to what you might deem as faults. Even if you're unemployed, divorced or have a less than model appearance, you can present yourself in an honest way without degrading yourself.

Note what you typically do for a living without saying you're not currently working. The explanation can come later. If you're divorced, there's no need for a lengthy explanation on why your relationship failed. Harping on your ex is not a strong suit. If you feel your appearance is less than celebrity-grade, have no worries. You can use humor to address a “short coming,” such as height or ignore your physical attributes completely and just let a flattering photo do the talking.



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