Internet Dating Advice Every Single Person Should Know

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What online dating etiquette do I need to know?

Internet Dating Advice Every Single Person Should Know Tip: If you're venturing onto the Internet dating scene, there's rules of the road you should know, lest you appear less than dating savvy. Internet dating presents a different forum to meet and date other people and there are modern day guidelines for behavior that you need to be aware of.

1. Internet dating means you could be doing a lot of initial communicating over email.
But does every email response deserve a response if you're not interested? Use your best judgment and be polite. In the online world, sometimes no response sends the clearest message of all. However, if you've dated someone a few times and you decided that he or she just isn't right for you, do drop a quick, but polite note to let that person know you're not available.
2. Don't get too personal too fast. Prior to meeting someone, avoid asking too many questions about your potential date's address and place of employment.
3. You can, however, keep questions more general and still learn a lot about a person. Asking your potential date what type of work he or she does and what area he or she lives in is fine.
4. Know the right time to take down your profile. If you're just meeting someone for the first few dates, there's no reason why you need to hurry back to the computer to remove your profile from the Internet dating scene. However, once you've decided on exclusivity, keeping your online profile up for new potential dates is definitely a no-no.



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