The Chemistry Of Relationships

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Is there a difference between compatibility and chemistry in love?

The Chemistry Of Relationships Tip: They say people who fall in love have the right “chemistry.” But what exactly is chemistry when it comes to relationships?

Dr. Helen Fisher, the chief scientific advisor for's online dating service, has some answers. According to Dr. Fisher, there's a difference between compatibility and chemistry. Compatibility involves a relationship where you have similar interests, values and background. However, emotions are involved in a relationship, as well. People not only want to get along with a significant other, they want to fall deeply in love with a significant other. When you fall deeply in love, that is chemistry, according to Dr. Fisher.

According to Dr. Fisher, there are three components of love: sex drive, romantic love and attachment. All of these components respond to our brains, which control the desire for sex, the feelings of love and the final stage, becoming secure in an attachment.



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