Taking A Love Test To See If Opposites Attract

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Do opposites attract?

Taking A Love Test To See If Opposites Attract

Chemistry.com Tip: In the dating world, there is a saying that “opposites attract.” However, is it really true that opposites attract? You've probably heard of the prim and proper “good girls” who are attracted to the rebellious, angst-ridden “bad boys.” But how much of this notion is a myth versus reality?

What we do know is that scientifically speaking, opposites do attract – to a certain extent. Relationship expert Dr. Helen Fisher notes in her book, “Why We Love,” that men and women tend to choose partners who have similar traits, including physical attractiveness and financial status. In addition, a family-oriented individual will likely choose someone of a similar mindset for partnership.

However, a person will also look for someone who isn't too alike. In a study where women took a love test to select smells of men from various t-shirts that they found “sexiest,” the shirt that each woman chose was from a man who had an immune system unlike hers, but was still compatible. In this way, the women were unconsciously attracted to a smell from someone who would help diversify their gene pools. So, chemically speaking, do opposites attract? The answer from this particular love test is yes.



4/26/2008 9:40:13 AM
noemi said:

im happy bec you created a test like this!!!the reason why i search this page is that because to know the oppurtunity to became lovers between me and my love one!!!!! so thanks!!!!! create more sweeter!!


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