Finding A Long Term Relationship Is Only Natural

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Is it normal for someone to be in a long term, monogamous relationship?

Finding A Long Term Relationship Is Only Natural Tip: If you're like many other daters out there looking for long term relationships, what you're seeking is a part of the human genetic code. Dating for some people can be a stepping stone to finding ideal long term relationships. Looking back on evolution can explain why monogamy can be natural.

In Dr. Helen Fisher's book, “Why We Love,” there is an explanation about the roots of monogamy and the long term relationship. According to Dr. Fisher, a bonding pair was essential to the survival of a female and her nursing child. Although a man could attract a group of women, it was feasible for another male to steal one or more of his members away. However, a male could safely and reasonably provide protection for one female and her nursing child.



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