Hidden Emotions

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What are some warning signs while dating?

Hidden Emotions

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve; others rarely give you a peek. This can be especially frustrating if that someone is your boyfriend or girlfriend; you cannot read how he/she feels about you. Sometimes you feel as close as two people can be and, at other times, there is an incredible distance between you. If you cannot read the emotional output of the person you are dating, talk with him/her before you get too serious. This lack of communication can ultimately cause marital problems. If you're afraid to bring it up while dating, that is not a good indication of future success.



8/4/2007 7:48:05 PM
Paul Abbott said:

I think one must be "gut" honest in a relationship. Talk freely because brown is brown but each person may see brown as one shade and the partner may see brown as a different shade. MAKE SURE YOUR INTENT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR.


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