Getting Married Too Young

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Is it possible to get married too young?

Getting Married Too Young

If you are in your early 20's and want to get married, keep this statistic in mind: the divorce rate for 21-22 year olds is twice as high as it is for 24-25 year olds (Warren, 1992). Why? Well, social scientists have found that people who marry young are seldom prepared for their marital roles. Early marriage also takes away individual opportunities for learning and development. Since studies have also found that people who date longer stay married longer, there is a lot of incentive for younger people to delay marriage.



1/5/2007 5:45:47 AM
Jewel said:

I think the one thing that Warren, 1992 fails to mention is that not only does it depend on the persons ability to handle the role of a marriage mate but it also depends on each persons morals and values. I married my hubby the day I turned 18. We have been married for 15 years come this March. We have three children who will know what it is like to have traditional values, they will know and understand honor and loyalty. They will make good husbands and wives when they grow up.

So statistically this tip may be true, but I think it is only because our society does not lay the ground work needed for the right values in marriage. Marriage today is like wearing shoes..when they get old and a little scuffed up you just throw them out. Marriage is a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with learning and growing together.


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