What Type of Personality Do You Want?

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What type of personality characteristics should I consider in dating?

What Type of Personality Do You Want?

Have you ever considered what type of personality you would like your future spouse or partner to have? Dr. Warren has a few questions that might help you make this decision. Consider the following questions.

1. Would you like your mate to be quiet and somewhat shy, or talkative and gregarious?
2) Do you prefer people who are intense and logical, or laid-back and easygoing?
3) Are you most drawn to people who are funny or serious?
4) Would you like someone who is strong and independent, or somone who leaves the decision making up to you?
5) Do you prefer softness or toughness--that is, someone who is gentle and seldom shows signs of anger, or someone who says exactly what he or she thinks and feels?

Source: Finding the Love of Your Life, 1992

These are all good questions that you might want to consider the characteristics you are looking for in a dating partner.



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