Is Sex Okay For Teenagers?

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Is sex okay for teenagers?

Is Sex Okay For Teenagers?

There is a lot of pressure on teenagers in our society to have sex; as a result, many decide go ahead and to take the plunge. Unfortunately, many of those same teenagers regret doing so afterwards. Whatever you decide, never let someone else make that choice for you. If you don't want to have sex, don't. Sex is a very intimate thing. If pushed, forced, or controlled, sex is never right.



2/15/2009 2:02:56 PM
love said:

ok. my boyfriend and i have been in a relationship now for one month. He has quiet a history with girls before we got togather and i know about SOME of his history. He is so diffrent with me though. I was his friend for a good while before we got together so i know some of the stuff he did with one of his previous girlfriends and he did have sex with her and that REALLY bothers me now. he is so diffrent with me though, he wants to go slower and takes me into consideration. I kind of feel- weird knowing about his previous relationships.


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