Can I Be In Love This Soon?

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Can I be in love with my boyfriend I have only known for 4 weeks?

Can I Be In Love This Soon?

The very beginning of a relationship can be intoxicating! You want to spend every moment with each other, and flaws are non-existent. Is this true love? At this very early stage, probably not. You are in the throes of infatuation. True love generally develops over time. So, don't rush into love; enjoy the process! Spend time together in many different situations -- the good times and the bad. And keep your eyes open for any potential areas of concern. This infatuation just may become the real thing.



10/2/2008 1:00:16 PM
meghan said:

I agree one hundred percent. Take your may think you love someone, but if you don't really know them, you are in trouble. Love is not a word that should thrown around so easily. But I do think you should love as many times as you can.

2/3/2012 4:14:55 AM
Abigail said:



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