Ice Blocking

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Ice Blocking

Have you ever been ice blocking? If not, you have missed out. Ice blocking is a great date activity! Here is what you do. First, find a grass hill with a good slope. Buy a couple of ice blocks and a towel to keep your rear end from getting wet. Finally, take your ice block to the top of the hill and sit down on the ice with the towel between you and the ice. Hold on to the towel and off you go! For extra fun you can race down the hill or go in teams. This is especially fun to do if you have three or four couples. The guys can race, the girls can race, or you and your date can race the other couples. This is a great date in the middle of the summer. Have fun!



7/28/2006 7:39:36 PM
Jenn said:

where do you get ice blocks???

11/14/2008 12:34:07 PM
T said:

Give me a


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