How Can I Tell If I Should Marry Someone?

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How can I tell if I should marry someone or not?

How Can I Tell If I Should Marry Someone?

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you make in life. Before you jump in, ask yourself these four important questions. First, "How do I feel about him/her?" Second, "How do I feel about me around him/her?" Third, "How does he/she feel about me?" Fourth, "How does he/she feel about themself around me?"

You should also consider the following questions. a) How does my partner act under stress? b) What do my instincts tell me about this relationship? c) Does my family like him? d) What are the things he does that might bother me in the future? Can I live with these things? e) Do I have any doubts at all about this relationship? If yes, what are they? Write them down, if you can live with these things, marriage might work for you.



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