What If She Likes Someone Else?

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How can I get a girl to like me if she already likes someone else?

What If She Likes Someone Else?

You like her. She's dating him. It may seem like an impossible situation. But remember, dating isn't married. The younger you are, the less likely it is that her relationship will last too long. The best thing you can do is be the best you possible, be the best friend to her possible and be patient. And if an opportunity arises for you to let her know how you feel, take it. Knowing your feelings may be the only push she needs to leave her current relationship and give you a try.



5/25/2008 12:51:18 AM
what said:

not a good idea. that just puts you into the friend zone. basically the girl will consider you a friend and nothing more. best to keep your distance till she's single.

1/31/2009 10:03:40 PM
riley said:

ahh this is happening to me andi know shes the one for me. but she wont give up on this other guy. im doing everything right according to you, but its not working


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