Don't Go To Movie On First Date

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What do you think about going to a movie on the first date?

Don't Go To Movie On First Date

Movies are GREAT. You sit in the dark, eat popcorn and are transported to new worlds. But if you talk during the movie, you can get kicked out of the theatre. So during your first few dates, you might want to give movies a pass. First dates are about getting to know each other...and that requires some serious conversation. Movies don't allow it, and sitting in the movie with a first date just delays the process further. If you go out to dinner, play miniature golf, go bowling, etc., you'll be able to talk to your date and get to know them a little better. Plus, you won't eat all that popcorn...



9/5/2008 2:38:08 PM
Na said:

Well I disagree with this, if both people enjoy watching a movie and the date also includes dinner or something else, it's all part of the date and getting to know each other.

8/1/2009 11:46:40 AM
A Person said:

I Agree You Can Go To Movies On The First Date You Might Both Enjoy It!


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