What If She's Out of My League?

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Is it okay to ask someone out who I feel is out of my league?

What If She's Out of My League?

We live in a democracy, but it's funny how class distinctions rear their ugly head where dating is concerned. Suddenly certain boys and girls are 'better' or 'too good' for others. Remember, the only one making that distinction is you. If you want to ask out a girl -- regardless of her 'class,' do so, being confident that she will say yes. She'll be more likely to say yes to someone who is confident. And who knows? She may not get asked out all that often because many boys think the same way you do. Take a chance. You may have a date with a girl 'way out of your league' this weekend.



5/15/2008 12:36:12 PM
Lancer B said:

This is soo true. I’ve been told that guys don’t approach me because they believe I am intimidating, which to everyone that knows me I am the most outgoing easy going woman and the last person to be afraid of. So because my appearances are intimidating, less men approach me. Take the risk.


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