Feeling Free To Be Yourself

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Can I be myself while dating and still be accepted?

Feeling Free To Be Yourself

Have you ever wondered if there are some fundamental keys to avoiding a bad dating relationship and ultimately a bad marriage? There are. The first is being able to be yourself while dating. One of the most common red flags in a dating relationship is thinking you have to play a role or act like something or someone you are not. So, if you are in a current relationship, ask yourself, "Can I be myself in this relationship or do I have to mask some of my feelings?" If the answer is yes, this relationship is not for you. If you are starting a relationship, be yourself -- without apology -- from the start. It will save both parties a lot of pain down the road.



5/7/2007 4:20:02 PM
pj said:

thats kind of very cool u no ,when u in a bad mood ,u dont have to lie to your partner.what ever u feeling u should let your partner no.when coming from work u should just sit down and talk a about what ever,best thing about being yourself your never know when your partner have really fallan inlove with the actual u,the real u.......


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