Am I Dating The Right Person

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How can I tell if I am dating the right person?

Am I Dating The Right Person Tip: Have you wondered if you are dating the right person? Or perhaps you have seen some behaviors in the person you are dating that concern you, but you don't know what to do about it. Far too often men and women override their feelings and intuitions because they think their partner will change the behavior if they get more serious. One way to get a better match in Web dating is to visit a site like They use a personality test to assess the kind of person you are and who you would best be matched with. Using this type of service will hopefully lessen your concerns about whether you're with the right person.

To tell if you are dating the right person, observe the behaviors in your dating partner; see how the person you are dating responds in good and bad times; and listen to your instincts.



2/4/2008 4:24:53 PM
Ralph Spears said:

i like this girl alexis in my 1st and 3rd period class


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