Strategies for Getting A Date

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How can I get a date?

Strategies for Getting A Date

Where can you find a date? The answer is: everywhere. Dates are not reserved to smokey bars; you can meet people at airport gates, grocery store aisles, laundromats, your local coffee shop -- you name it! You simply have to be open to not only meeting people but talking to them. So the next time you are standing in line anywhere, turn off your iPod and stop reading the newspaper. Look up and the people around you. There are lots of them to talk to. And who knows? If you are interested and nice and ready to meet someone, you just might!



9/16/2006 1:01:29 AM
Jordan said:

Okey i need some help. I like this girl right and im doing all i can to get her to like me alot also, I have liked this girl for a long time. Recently it was her birthday and i went to her house befor she got home and waited for her in her living room with her mom and her sister. When she came inside i gave her a pink rose i bought her and a stuffed bear i raped up in a present for her im doing all i can to get her i call her but i usually dont get ahold of her i try to talk with her but usually when she is with her friends and i approuch her she doesn't talk that much im not a shy guy i tell people how i feel. On the present i gave her i said " Hope your having a great birthday. If you change your mind about homecomeing let me know, becuase id be happy to take you" after she read it she looked at me and smiled. and i can tell im prgressing becuase she will hug me and that soft of stuff but its not enough i really like this girl and its killing me send me an e-mail with som advice to help me out.


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