Why Do We Date?

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Why do we date?

Why Do We Date?

Men and women date for many different reasons -- companionship, fun, sex, social interaction -- but in the end most dating leads to one thing: marriage. In a 2000 Census report, researchers found that 90-95 percent of all Americans will eventually marry. Thus, the most common outcome for those who date is marriage. In our teen years, we date to get to know someone else better. Dating at this stage is also for recreation. As we get older, we date looking for deeper connections and intimacy. At this stage dating becomes more complex as we have to develop our relationships skills (i.e. communication, problem solving). One of the final steps of dating is finding someone that we want to be with always. This leads to the final steps, engagement and marriage. In the final analysis, I dating and marriage are a personal search for being loved and cared for by another person.



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