Dating With Confidence Part III

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What are the characteristics of people who date with confidence?

Dating With Confidence Part III

So, what are characteristics of people who date with confidence? Before you read any further, take five minutes and write down the characteristics of people you know who are simply confident. (The lists will be oddly similar): 1. They have the ability to see others strengths. 2. They believe in the goodness of others. 3. They have personal goals and aspirations and work to achieve them. 4. They connect with others--have good relationships with many people. 5. They aren't afraid to meet new people. 6. They enjoy life. 7. They develop personal skills and talents. 8. They NEVER put others down for a win for themself. 9. They serve others. 10. They have values. 11. They have integrity (they are honest and truthful with all people). 12. They affirm the worth of others. 13. They allow others to make choices without imposing their personal beliefs on others. 14. They believe in their own ability to make good decisions.



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