Dating With Confidence Part IV

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How can I deal with my fears about dating?

Dating With Confidence Part IV

Dating with confidence begins within ourselves. In order for us to be more confident, we must deal with the individual fears and worries that prevent us from getting close to others with this process: 1. Identify your own issues: what fears do you have about dating? What things do you do that you wish you didn't? 2. Once you have identified your issues, write them down and evaluate where these fears or behaviors come from. Where did you learn these fears or behaviors? Do you believe you can change these behaviors? 3. List the times you have overcome the fears or behaviors you listed in Step 2. Remember those times and write them down. What were you doing when you were able to overcome those fears or behaviors? 4. Create a game plan to help you for the next time you start feeling the negative fears or start doing the negative behaviors (e.g. not wanting to talk to others, saying something you didn't want to). 5. If the steps above do not work, take some time to figure out why. What is really preventing you from being more confident? Take this question seriously and write down your thoughts.



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