Getting Close To Others

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How can I get really close to someone?

Getting Close To Others

Many people find themselves drifting in and out of relationships, and yet they still feel like they aren't close to anyone. It is easy to kiss and make out, and yet they discover that the physical part of the relationship is not fulfilling. To avoid this pitfall, consider the following tips: 1. Don't focus on the physical part of the relationship first. If you wait and develop the other areas, you will be surprised at how easy and right the physical part comes. 2. Develop trust; any relationship without trust won't last. 3. Communicate to solve problems. Conflict resolution is one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship. 4. Be committed to each other. This is demonstrated over time and cannot be rushed. 5. If two people are committed to each other, they will find more peace and comfort when they are apart from each other. These are a few suggestions to help you develop a deep and close relationship with others.



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