Teen Dating Abuse

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What should I know about teen dating abuse?

Teen Dating Abuse

According to the latest research findings, 1 in 5 teenagers are being physically or sexually abused by their partners. This has to stop. Abuse hurts individuals. It damages self-worth. It hurts a person's belief in the good of others. It prevents teens from developing healthy relationships. Here are some things you can do if you are being abused, if you have been abused, or if you know someone who is being abused.

1) Talk to someone who you trust about the abuse.

2) End the relationship. Statistics reveal that abuse in dating is more likely to continue or intensify in marriage.

3) Don't be afraid to call the police if abuse has occurred. Those who abuse need to have consequences for their actions or they will continue to abuse. They need help.

4) Seek professional help if the abuse has hurt your belief in yourself. A therapist can help you understand the tactics the abuser used to make you believe that the abuse was normal.

5) Learn as much about abuse as you can so you can be better prepared on how to deal with it.

Never put up with abuse and never abuse others. Abuse hurts the self-worth of both the victim and the abuser. NOBODY deserves to be abused!



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