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Question 1

What is the most important thing that women want out of the men they are dating?

A physical relationship
Someone who will talk with them openly and honestly
Someone who values education
A man with a large bank account
Women report that the most important part of a relationship to them is the ability to talk and communicate openly. While education, a large bank account, and a physical relationship is important they are not as important as being able to communicate.

Question 2

What percentage of the time will a guy ask out a girl who is showing interest in him?

Guys ask girls out who are interested in them. If you answered D or 85% percent of time you were correct. This means that girls if you want dates you need to show interest in guys.

Question 3

What percentage of men and women report physical abuse in their dating relationship?

Surprisingly most studies have found that about 1 in 3 college students report physical violence in their dating relationship. What a sad comment on our society. Never put up with abuse in a relationship.

Question 4

What initially attracts men to women?

ability to talk
physical appearance
the crowd they hang out with
education level
If you answered number 2 you are correct. Men claim that the first and most important thing to them is a woman´s physical appearance. While this isn´t always fair, it does tell women one thing they can do to get a date.

Question 5

What´s the best way to show someone you are interested in them?

Animation--show a little bit of life
Closeness--how you face or look at each other
Touch--touching an elbow or hand
all of the above
All of the above are good ways to show someone that you are interested in them. People do not like dating deadbeats--show a little animation. If you like someone show them through your non-verbal communication (i.e. your posture). Finally, touching someone (in appropriate ways) shows them you have interest in them.

Question 6

What is the most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for marriage?

Be a quality person
Date as many people as you can
Start dating as early as you can
Avoid sharing personal feelings until you are ready for marriage
The most important thing that you will ever do before marriage is make yourself the best person you can. Being a quality person will make you a better person to date and a better marriage partner. While it is good to have dating experience it is not the most important thing you will do while still single.

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