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What are some things I should be aware of in online dating?

Be Careful

Online dating has opened a whole new world of dating opportunities for men and women alike, but there are some things you should consider before you take the plunge. While most online dating sites work hard to ensure the safety of their members, exercise caution regarding the personal information you provide online. Also, you are developing relationships with people outside the normal day-to-day routine of work and other frustrations, so don't move to quickly. Make sure you give yourself ample opportunity to meet and spend time with your online date in the 'real world.' Finally, set realistic expectations for your online dating experience. You're still dealing with flawed human beings; don't let the technology make you forget that important point.

How can I pursue online dating safely?

Guide to Dating: Online Dating Safety

In any kind of dating situation, safety is always a big issue. Because you only meet face-to-face on the first date after much conversation beforehand, online dating can seem a little less safe than traditional dating. However, with a few simple steps, you can insure the safety of your online dating experience. First, take advantage of the communication services offered through your online dating service. This not only allows easy communication with the people you are interested in, it also protects your privacy. You can still express your interest in someone, but not give him or her the details of your address, phone number, etc. Lastly, when agreeing to meet someone for the first time, do so in a public place. Tell your friends where you are going and when you plan to meet your date. If you feel really unsure, bring a friend along with you.

Should I research online dating sites?

Guide to Online Dating Research

Once you've decided to date online, research a few online dating sites before you make your choice. You want to make sure that the site is legitimate – make sure that it provides an address for the business and that it does not ask for any kind of large or immediate monetary commitment. You also want to make sure that the website works smoothly. Google the website and see if any reviews have been posted on the Internet – beware of dating services that have produced many disappointed customers. It helps to stick with a well-known dating website, as they will most likely have the largest dating pool and best reputation. Make sure that the website you choose pledges to keep your personal information secure. You should also check out the content of any potential sites – do they have services that cater to your interests?

Will online dating help me to be more datable?

Guide to Dating: Outlook

Biting the bullet and deciding to date online can have a positive impact on your dating outlook. Pursuing online dating will make you feel more proactive about your dating life. Posting a profile and answering personals will help you feel like you're moving forward with your love life. Also, building an online dating profile forces you to examine your dating outlook. It makes you assess yourself frankly, allowing you to pinpoint any flaws that you need to work on. It also forces you to specify exactly what kind of person you are looking for, helping you to develop a better sense of what you're seeking in a mate.

Why should I pursue online dating?

Guide to Online Dating

Online dating is an excellent way to meet new people, expand your dating pool, or even get back on the dating scene. Online dating is often stereotyped as being the realm of the desperate and the creepy. In reality, online dating sites are filled with people just like you: singles who are looking to meet new and interesting people. Most people pursue online dating because they lead busy lives; they just don't have time to take another class, develop a new hobby, or troll through the local club scene. Others look to online dating for a fresh start or to expand their social horizons. Whatever your reasons, online dating can provide a catalyst for your personal social renewal.

How should I select an online dating service?

Guide to Dating: Selecting an Online Dating Service

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when signing up for an online dating service. Before you begin, make a budget for yourself, of both time and money, to see just how much you want to invest in online dating. If possible, get some recommendations from friends – trusted friends will be able to refer a site that is right for you. Try and see if there are any websites available that cater to any special interests that you have. If a site offers a trial for free personals, take advantage and gauge just how well the site works. Lastly, don't be afraid to sign up for multiple sites; diversifying your selection could help you meet more people.

As a senior, how can I date online safely?

Online Dating Safety

When dating online, you must take many additional precautions. When you meet someone online, progress cautiously. Do not divulge any of your critical personal information – this includes addresses, financial information, workplace and home phone number. Before you meet someone in person, speak with him or her on the phone. If they seem overly aggressive, controlling, or angry, then do not agree to a meeting. If you do set up a first date, agree to meet in a public place, and be sure to tell friends and family members when and where you are going. Remember – no matter how reputable a person sounds, if they ask you for money or financial information, immediately cease all contact with them.

How can I best prepare for a good internet dating experience?

Internet Dating

Many people are turning to Internet dating services to increase their chance of meeting someone new. Before you join, compare monthly fees and ask if you can do a free 'test run' before you make a major commitment. Once you are online, determine how much personal information you are going to give out about yourself, and how many people you are willing to communicate with on an ongoing basis. The emails can pile up! Remember, online dating is still dating -- it takes time to get to REALLY know someone. If you are truly interested, move from the Internet exchanges to phone calls to that first in-person meeting in a public setting. This is an important safety precaution that you should always take. Good luck!

Is online dating the best use of my time?

Guide to Dating: Time

Some people believe that Internet dating is a waste of time. They think that the process is impersonal and ultimately unsuccessful. The success of millions of people proves them wrong. First, online dating is highly personal – you create a detailed personal profile and publish your dating preferences online. Second, online dating lets you target your dating; you only meet people who share your interests. Lastly, it is hardly a waste of time. Online dating allows you to meet people easily and quickly – helping you to find potential lovers and friends in your city. Compared to vegging on the couch watching television all night, online dating is a great hobby with tremendous potential.

What is American Singles?

Guide to Dating: American Singles

American Singles is one of the premier online dating services. It's well established, having been operational since the beginning of the online dating phenomenon. The website offers both free and pay content, allowing new users to create profiles for free. The site incorporates a variety of users from many different backgrounds, allowing you to search for potential dates from amongst a wide range of individuals. The affordably priced member services help to enhance your online dating experience. Paying members can take advantage of American Singles' email, Instant Messenger and audio chat services, helping you to instantly connect with the people of interest.

Should I give out my phone number to someone online?

Should I Give Out My Phone Number?

You've been chatting with someone online, and now he (or she) wants your phone number. What do you do? Always err on the side of caution and never give out your phone number unless you can say a very confident "yes" to the following questions: Do I know this person very well? Do I trust this person? Do I have absolutely no reservations? Am I confident this person is who he or she says they are? Am I totally comfortable giving out my phone number? Only if you can answer all questions positively and without hesitation should the number be exchanged.

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