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What´s your relationship pattern?

Have you assessed your relationship patterns? Are typically a pursuer? Or do you find yourself not wanting to get close? This question will get you started thinking about your relationship patterns.

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What is the best way to communicate and solve relationship problems? The questions in this section will test your knowledge on positive and negative ways you can try to solve problems.

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Dating etiquette

How good are you with dating etiquette? This question will test your knowledge.

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Dating Anxiety

Many people have dating anxiety. The questions in this section will deal with issues such as shyness, overcoming fears of talking to someone, and how to best ask someone out.

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Real Intimacy

When you hear the word intimacy what comes to your mind? This question deals with what intimacy really is.

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Facts about Dating

There are some common facts in dating relationships that all those involved in dating should be aware of. Test your knowledge in this area to see how savy your dating knowledge is.

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