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Are there ways that I can meet local singles online?

Finding Local Singles Online

Thanks to the the Internet explosion, it is very easy to find local singles online. For starters, most larger dating websites allow you to search by geographical area, allowing you to narrow your search to only those singles in your immediate locality. If you live in a larger urban area, then you will most likely have many other online dating options. Often, smaller online dating sites will seek to cover a certain region or metropolitan area. For example, if you are a single living in New York, doing a quick Google search will generate at least 10 websites that cater exclusively to singles living in the New York City area. If you live in a smaller, less populated area, your localized online dating options may be more limited, as the websites will likely draw singles from a larger geographical area.

How can I find local dating services?

Finding Local Singles: Local Dating Services

If you don't want to pursue dating locally online, there are other ways to find local dating-related services. The simplest local dating service is usually included in your local newspaper in the form of personal advertisements. If the local personal ads aren't for you, you can usually find others in other forums – local alternative weeklies are excellent sources for simple dating services. While it sounds a little corny, your area might also have a “singles line” or other phone service that allows you to create an audio profile and leave messages for other singles. Lastly, local bars, restaurants and civic or business organizations may host singles mixers – keep an eye out for these and other opportunities to date locally.

Are there any safety considerations I should take in to account when dating locally?

Finding Local Singles: Safety Issues

Dating locally comes with few immediate social concerns outside of the usual. Namely, you should always play it safe until you really get to know the person, and make sure that you leave if you become uncomfortable. If a date or even a relationship goes poorly, there will always be some kind of fallout afterwards. If you live in a relatively small or isolated community, this fallout can have unwanted consequences. If a date or relationship with a local ends violently, be aware that they will most likely know where you live, work, etc. Additionally, smaller communities may have less discretion regarding relationships. In short, when you date locally in a small community, everyone knows your business.

What’s the online dating scene like in Boston?

Online Dating In Boston

Online dating options abound for people living in Boston. Large online dating communities like, and actually have their own sections for Boston dating. Other larger websites include, yahoo personals, alldatingnetwork or For Bostonians who pursue alternative lifestyles, there are a number of larger sites (such as and that offer online dating services. Also, the website offers online dating services that cater to gay and lesbian daters.

What is the online dating scene like in Florida?

Online Dating in the South East

The forecast for online dating in the Southeastern states from South Carolina to Florida is bright and sunny! Most of the sites cater to people living in the larger urban areas of those state, and the large dating sites -- like, and -- are your best bets for statewide dating coverage. You can search online for specific dating sites that South Carolina personals, or southeast personals. Other Florida specific sites, such as, provide personal ad services for Florida's urban areas. Florida has a dearth of locally-based alternative lifestyle personals online. You're better off searching for Florida singles at a larger site like One bright spot: if you're in the panhandle and pursue an alternative lifestyle, the city of Tampa has it's own alternative lifestyle personals site (

What is the online dating scene like in Georgia?

Online Dating in Georgia

Georgia has a peach of an online dating community, with the most accessible singles living in and around the Atlanta area. Large online dating sites like and offer dating services throughout Georgia. Both sites also offer dating specific to the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, there are few local online dating sites outside of advertisements for chat lines. As for Georgians who pursue alternative lifestyles, your best bet is checking out If you live in Atlanta, you can also use local sites like to find alternative singles in the metropolitan area.

What is the online dating scene like in texas?

Online Dating in Texas

There is a healthy Texas dating scene, online and otherwise. Most of the online dating is centered on large urban areas like Dallas and Houston. Large online dating sites like take care of most of the online dating options. There seem to be few opportunities for speed or executive dating online. Alternative lifestyle online dating is limited to sites like and unless you live in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. People pursuing alternative lifestyles in the Dallas area can check out for local online dating opportunities.

Why should I look for singles locally?

Finding Local Singles: Who You Want to Date

Looking to date local singles is perhaps your easiest option for expanding your dating pool. Local singles will be the easiest to reach, and if you decide to form a relationship with one of them, it will be easy to stay in contact. Of course, your definition of “local” depends upon what kind of area you live in. Those of us who live in rural or lesser-populated areas may be limited to dating people from the local community. However, if you live in a large city, “local” may be limited to a single block or neighborhood.

What is the online dating scene like in Wisconsin?

Online Dating in the Great Lakes Regions

Wisconsin and Illinois are often viewed as a quiet Midwestern states, but both becoming known for its youth and vitality. TheIllinois personals are a great place to start for daters. With Madison up and coming in the singles community, this gives Wisconsin a bit of an edge over other Midwestern states in terms of online dating possibilities. Sites like list online dating services for any kind of lifestyle in the Madison area. Wisconsin also has the standard array of online dating opportunities courtesy of large national sites like and Large alternative lifestyle sites like also offer online dating options.

What’s the online dating scene like in New York?

Online Dating In New York City

New York City offers a myriad of dating options. New York City's major periodicals, most notably the Village Voice, The New York Times and Time Out, all offer online personals. Singles on the New York dating scene can also date through sites like,,, and craigslist. While there are some smaller online dating sites that cater to New York City, much of the online dating traffic seems to go through the larger sites like Alternative lifestyle dating options are available online through larger sites like and smaller, NYC based websites like

What is the online dating scene like in California?

Online Dating California

California has a very large online dating scene, no matter what your lifestyle preference. The state is home to many large urban population centers, along with many politically liberal communities. California dating online is easily accessible through large national online dating sites like and; California's large cities will ensure plenty of dating options. It is also possible to place online personals through the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. As for alternative lifestyles,, and other sites offer plenty of options.

What is the online dating scene like in Vermont?

Online Dating in Vermont

One of the healthiest states in the US, Vermont also possesses a very liberal voting population, making it an attractive location for people with alternative lifestyles. Most online Vermont dating occurs through larger sites like and, with most dateable populations located around larger cities like Burlington and Bennington. Alternative lifestyle online dating can be pursued through websites like and, with healthy alternative lifestyles communities located in Burlington and Bennington.

What is the online dating scene like in Pennsylvania?

Online Dating in Pennsylvania

The majority of Pennsylvania's singles are clustered around the urban centers of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The major websites like offer online dating throughout the state. There are also speed dating and mixers that offer online sign up in the state's major urban centers. Online dating is available through the usual channels of and The website hosts online dating services for the Philadelphia area.

What is the online dating scene like in Kansas?

Online Dating in Kansas

Kansas's rural population may limit the extent of its dating scene; however, the state does still have online options. Kansas is covered by the major online dating websites -- like and -- with most of their dateable populations in urban centers like Wichita. There is even executive dating in Kansas offered through Gays and lesbians in Kansas can peruse, or to find like singles, though be warned – Kansas isn't known for its large alternative lifestyle communities.

What’s the online dating scene like in San Francisco?

Online Dating In San Francisco

The San Francisco dating scene is healthy and vibrant for people of any lifestyle. Most online dating takes place through larger sites like, and There are also sites that combine online dating with vacations to the San Francisco area. The alternative lifestyle dating scene in San Francisco is also quite active, with online dating available through larger sites like and There is also an website that offers online dating services.

What’s the online dating scene like in San Diego?

Online Dating In San Diego

Before you 'charge' into the dating scene in San Diego, it pays to know your online sources. Sites like and are well represented in the area, and San Diego has numerous speed dating companies that advertise online. Some local websites offer online personals, but few offer anything on par with the larger online dating services. San Diego has a lot of alternative options as well. Not only are online San Diego dating services offered through sites like and, but sites like list online alternative lifestyle community organizations and activities that are sure to provide plenty of dating opportunities.

What is the online dating scene like in New Jersey?

Online Dating in New Jersey

The New Jersey dating scene offers more than meets the eye! The state is highly urbanized, with population centers in Trenton and the metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia. Since large portions of the state contain suburbs, online dating is an ideal way to get to know New Jersey singles that you would not otherwise meet. This, combined with the relative accessibility of much of the state, makes many online singles easy to reach. Online sites like and offer many online dating opportunities. Alternative lifestyle online dating is available through sites like and

What’s the online dating scene like in Dallas?

Online Dating In Dallas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas does boast a large variety of online dating options. Singles who want to date online in Dallas will find plenty of options through larger online dating sites like and There are also local dating organizations that can be accessed through, which provides information on singles clubs and groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Alternative lifestyle dating is available through the usual lineup of, and, amongst others. Dallas also has a city site through the 'out network' –- –- that provides online dating information for singles pursuing alternative lifestyles.

How do I meet singles in my area?

Finding Local Singles: Building Social Channels

You can meet singles in your local area by building up and utilizing existing social ties. If you're looking to date someone locally, see if friends or family members can set you up with any singles they may know. While it may not be a good idea to date immediate co-workers, you can probably meet new people in different departments or from other sectors within your industry. You can also expand your social network by becoming more involved in the community around you. Doing volunteer, religious or civic work can help to generate new friends, contacts and potential dates. Also, becoming involved in a new hobby or activity with social aspects can help introduce you to local singles.

What’s the online dating scene like in Houston?

Online Dating In Houston

Houston has oil, barbecue and access to online dating sources. The majority of those options come from large, nationwide dating sites like and Each of these sites has sections that allow users to view singles in the Houston area. There are no notable online dating services that are specific to the Houston market. The same can be said for people pursuing alternative lifestyles in Houston. Most alternative options rest with larger online dating sites like, and

Can I pursue alternative lifestyles and date local singles?

Finding Local Singles: Alternative Lifestyles

Most people look locally when they are looking to meet new, datable singles. If you pursue an alternative lifestyle, dating locally is an equally viable option. Most larger urban areas have healthy alternative lifestyle communities – usually with dating services, personal ads and support communities. Urban areas provide plenty of options for those of us who have alternative lifestyles. If you live in a rural or lesser populated area, you may run into trouble trying to date locally. First, smaller areas will most likely have smaller dating pools for those with alternative lifestyles, often leaving dating options slim. Secondly, because smaller areas tend to be less discrete, expect to have your alternative lifestyle gossiped about amongst the locals.

What’s the online dating scene like in Chicago?

Online Dating In Chicago

Chicago may be better known for its wind, but it boasts a number of online dating opportunities as well. The city on the lake is home to a major national newpaper, and singles of any lifestyle can place personal ads through the Chicago Tribune. Online dating options are best pursued through major online dating sites like and Online alternative dating is available through sites like Larger national sites like and also offer alternative lifestyle dating opportunities in Chicago.

What’s the online dating scene like in Washington, DC?

Online Dating In Washington DC

Interested parties certainly have a variety of choices for Washington, DC dating. Singles of any lifestyle can post online personal ads on the Washington Post website. Local also provides online dating services, as do the larger sites like, and There are also speed dating services that provide information online. Alternative lifestyle online dating is available through sites like, and local DC websites such as and the popular alternative publication the Washington Blade (

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