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Is family an important consideration when dating Asians?

Dating Asians: Family

For a variety of reasons, Asian families tend to be very close knit. These ties often extend into the realm of dating. Even young, progressive Asians are very conscious of their family's opinions on their dating partners. Whether you are Asian or not, family approval should be an important concern if you are dating a person of Asian descent. You should try to be respectful of your partner's family members, especially those that are older than you. While you don't have to abide by your partner's family's will, you should at least seek to reassure them that you value their opinions.

Are there any online dating services for Asians?

Dating Asians Online

Are you of Asian descent? Looking for other Asians for dating opportunities? There are many online dating services that cater exclusively to Asians. Many of these sites further specialize into specific Asian ethnicities. Most large online dating communities allow you to search for members by Asian ethnicities, using specific search engines for Asian dating. Obviously, most online dating opportunities for Asians will center around areas that have larger Asian populations. Large urban centers in the US, especially on the West Coast, have many online dating options for Asians.

Where can I get good advice on dating Asians?

Advice For Dating Asians

As any Asian knows, your family is full of advice about your dating life; however, their advice, while borne of genuine love and concern, might not always be the best for you. Advice from elders often tends to be too traditional or out of step with the times. So where should Asians turn for good dating advice? Some of the best advice comes from your family – you just have to be choosy about who it comes from. Older siblings and cousins who are young and progressive may be your best resources. Other Asian peers, your friends or classmates, will also be able to help out. As a last resort you can check out websites – but your best bets for practical advice are going to come from other Asian friends.

Is there arranged online Asian dating?

Dating Asians: Arranged Dating

In many Asian cultures, the extended family is involved in the selection of dating partners. Each Asian culture has its own set of standards, which vary from family to family. Young Asians who wish to pursue online dating yet still honor their cultural traditions often practice what is called “arranged” online dating. In this type of online dating, family members all actively participate in arranging a date between two individuals. Online Asian dating sites allow them to consider each candidate's culturally relevant attributes, hopefully finding the perfect match for their family member. In this way, new technology is used, and old traditions are preserved.

What kinds of culture considerations should I have when dating Asians?

Dating Asians: Cultural Considerations

Whether or not you are Asian, there are cultural considerations to consider when dating Asians. Each Asian culture has its own notions of love and romance, with its own expectations and guidelines for what is deemed appropriate. As an Asian or a person seeking to date Asians, you should approach these cultural differences with an open mind. Be very respectful of the traditions that your partner observes, and be conscious of the impact that your own traditions will have on the relationship. Remember to approach any difficulties with a positive attitude – there are rarely disputes that cannot be resolved. Do not look at your values as a hindrance to dating; instead, try and see them as qualities that will enhance the depth of your relationship.

Is there executive Asian dating online?

Executive Asian Dating

In Asian culture, the profession of one's significant other is a factor that is always considered by the extended family. This consideration has deep cultural roots in Asian societies. Most Asian families consist of recent immigrants who often place more emphasis on the accomplishments of one's significant other. A way of fostering this consideration while still allowing a modern dating environment is the creation of “executive” Asian dating. This dating service matches Asians not only according to interest but according to profession. Once again, this dating practice helps to combine both new and old traditions of dating.

How can I date online yet still preserve my Asian values?

Dating Asians: Values

Many Asians want to date online, but are often concerned about preserving their Asian values. These values vary from culture to culture, and many Asians, old and young, find them to be necessary parts of their identity. Online dating, instead of challenging these values, often makes it easier to preserve and honor them. Since online dating allows you to search for very specific criteria from a wide array of people, it is more likely that you will be able to find individuals who honor your values. More importantly, there are actually many Asian dating services that specifically cater to those who observe traditional Asian values.

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