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Is there romance advice online for African Americans?

Black Dating Romance Advice

There are a tremendous number of online forums that give dating, love and romantic advice to African Americans. Large online communities, such as America Online, host some of the biggest sites. Other sites exist independently as online magazines. The sites range in depth from those that give typical relationship advice to those that wrestle with the political, health and social issues that affect relationships in the black community. Additionally, many of these sites have their own personals sections, allowing you to meet other black singles in your area. If you just take some time to search online, you'll be able to find a site that caters to your needs.

How should I handle an interracial relationship?

Dating Blacks: Interracial Dating

Unfortunately, interracial dating is still considered controversial in some places in the US. If you are involved in an interracial relationship, you may feel pressure from both your own community and the community of your significant other. Many people respond to this pressure by trying to hide the relationship. This is perhaps the worst thing that you can do. Hiding your relationship will lead to feelings of shame and will ultimately hinder or perhaps end the growth of your relationship. Instead, you should be proud of your relationship. Your own happiness should not be constrained by the petty prejudices of others. Approach any opposition you encounter with firm compassion, and you will ultimately prevail.

I’m interested in dating other African Americans in my community – what is a good way to meet more of them?

Dating Blacks in the Community

Finding other black singles in your community is simple -- get out there! There are several ways to do this. Many people opt for online dating, because they feel that it is the most efficient way to expand their social circle. Another simple way to do this is to become more involved in your local black community. Developing a new hobby, playing a sport or doing volunteer work is a great way to meet datable black people who share similar interests with you. There are also more direct ways; you could search personal ads in local publications to see if there are black singles gatherings in your area. Local business organizations such as the chamber of commerce might also organize singles mixers for black professionals. Do some research, follow through and see what comes to pass!

Are there online dating services available for African Americans?

Dating Blacks Online

Perhaps more so than any other interest group, online dating sites connect memebers of the African American community well. Most major online dating services have special sections for connecting black singles, and there are also many sites specifically designed for this purpose. If you are a single African American in any major US city, chances are you have a large Internet dating scene waiting for you. Countless single African Americans lament that they cannot find anyone desirable or datable in their area. So put yourself out there – even if you already do some dating in your social life, online dating is an excellent way to expand your social horizons.

Are there specific dating rules that black singles should abide by?

Dating Blacks: The Rules of Dating

Outside of the common rules of respect and decency, there aren't any special rules for black singles. Modern dating sensibilities have broken down the traditional rules of courtship. While some people profess to have rules about making dates and calling back, there is no universal standard. As a black single, you need to tailor your own ideas on dating. You should take into account your family values, your community and most importantly your own personal desires and sense of self respect. Developing a personal outlook on dating will help you to be more secure and confident in your relationships.

Many black singles feel pressure to date within the black community, what should I do about this?

Dating Blacks: Dating outside the black community

Pressure to date within the black community is nothing new. This phenomenon occurs within most minority communities in America, which means that it is widely discussed and dealt with – so you're not alone if you're facing this pressure. There are support groups and peers who have dealt with the same questions and are willing to lend their advice. Such advice is available even on the Internet. The first thing to remember is this: you have to respect your right to be happy. In the end, you will only be able to sustain a relationship that you are truly happy with, not one that you engage in out of social obligation.

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