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If I want to date gay singles, where should I be looking?

Alternative Lifestyles: Location, Location, Location

If you don't live in a largely liberal, urban area, then you aren't going to be exposed to the best alternative lifestyle dating scene. Cities like New York, L.A. and San Francisco have amazing gay singles scenes, while smaller cities that are more isolated and conservative may not. If you live in an area that isn't gay friendly, then your dating choices will probably be restricted. But there is hope. With a little careful research, you can find quiet communities that still have many gay dating options. Most of these are located on either the west coast of the US or in the Northeast, but there are some diamonds in the rough – Ashville, NC, has a very large and healthy gay community.

Why should I pursue alternative lifestyle dating online?

Alternative Lifestyles and Online Dating

Online dating is a quick, easy and safe way to meet new people. Since online dating is become increasingly popular, the number of sites catering to alternative lifestyles has skyrocketed. Dating online allows you to find members in the community who share your interests without your having to hang out in clubs or bars. If you live in an area that isn't exactly alternative lifestyle friendly, then online dating can be an excellent means of finding dateable people who are "under the radar." Online dating also allows you to create a personal ad with a lot more information about yourself, and lets you include a picture – a must for any successful date.

Are there online gay personals?

Alternative Lifestyles: Online Personals

Of course there are online gay personals! Since the advent of online dating, scores of gay and lesbian personals have popped up all over the Internet. Many of these ads are free personals, allowing you to try out the site before committing to more services. Many online gay personals cater to all homosexuals – though there are also sites just for gay men or lesbians. Chances are that there are many dateable gay singles only a few clicks away from you. You have a lot of online gay personals to choose from – get out there and start dating!

Are there lesbian personals available online?

Lesbian Personal Ads

Lesbian personals are available online, and they come in many different varieties. Sites like, and are straightforward online dating sites. They allow users to create personal ads, view the personal ads of others and communicate either through inhouse email or chat services. There are also more upscale lesbian dating services. Sites such as and offer more expensive and discerning services for lesbians who wish to date online. Also, most larger online dating sites, such as, have personal ad sections catering to lesbians.

Is there executive gay dating available online?

Alternative Lifestyles: Executive Dating

Executive online dating is a growing industry – and executive dating for gay men and lesbians is no exception. While there are only a few sites for executive dating, there are portions of the executive dating world that cater to gay men and lesbians, with more sites accommodating lesbians. Most executive dating services require large membership fees, an interview and screening process. Some require recommendations from current members. The service from these sites is highly personalized, with relationship counselors and suggested matching services. While the process seems very involved, many find the extra attention to be worthwhile.

Is there gay speed dating?

Gay Speed Dating

Gay speed dating first became popular in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, but it is finally beginning to appear in the USA. Speed dating services such as, Pre dating or offer gay speed dating events in many larger US cities several times a month. Now gay speed dating is becoming popular in smaller cities in the US as well. During these events, gay singles line up to go on multiple “mini-dates” lasting less than 10 minutes each. The point is to meet a lot of gay singles very quickly – rapidly expanding your social circle and hopefully your dating possibilities. Currently, the phenomena attracts mostly gay men, but speed dating for lesbians is beginning to become more popular.

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