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What are some web dating warning signs?

Four Web Dating Warning Signs

Sometimes, during the course of web dating you encounter someone who exhibits some warning flags. In case you get into a situation where you're not sure if you should put the brakes on a specific web dating candidate, here are some guidelines.

1. Your potential date is too pushy or demanding. Your date should respect your wishes. Anyone who acts forcefully, verbally or otherwise should be avoided.
2. Your date wants to meet in an out of the way place. Choosing a remote location shouldn't rule out a potential date, but always meet somewhere you feel comfortable at if you're just getting to know someone.
3. Your date asks too many personal questions. If your potential date asks too many questions about off the subject topics or information like your home address too soon, it's time to take a step back and reevaluate the situation
4. Your potential date is evasive about a lot of questions. Getting to know someone shouldn't be a painful expedition. If you get the feeling your potential date is dismissive about casual questions, consider whether your line of questioning is appropriate or whether he or she is simply intentionally being vague.

How do I make sure my online relationship is safe?

Being Safe In An Online Relationship

When you're forming an online relationship, it's important to make sure you stay safe until you get to know someone well enough. By just practicing a few easy steps, you'll find that the online relationship can be just as safe as getting to know a date through any other means.

1. Get to know your date before you meet. Talk on the phone first. Although emails are convenient and easy, a much better way to gauge a person's intentions is by talking to him or her on the phone.
2. Meet where there's a lot of foot traffic. When you do decide to set up that first date, some safe places to go are restaurants in a well-populated area, a popular coffeehouse, or a museum.
3. Don't give up too much personal information. It's fine to get to know someone and ask questions, but save your home address and place of work for a time when you know your date a little better than an initial email chat.
4. Trust your instinct. If something feels amiss about a situation or you don't feel comfortable meeting your date at a particular place, cancel the meeting or schedule it at a place you do feel comfortable at. Dating, whether it's via an online relationship or not, should be fun and safe experience.

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