Dating Tips: Appearing Needy

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Should I bare my soul to someone on the first date?

Dating Tips: Appearing Needy

You meet someone for the first time, you immediately connect, and you feel so close to him or her that you immediately bare all the angst of your childhood. While it sounds romantic, it is also incredibly foolish. We have all had our struggles in life – it's part of what makes us all unique and (hopefully) interesting people; however, we are also so much more than our struggles – someone who simply defines themselves by the bad things in their life is only half a person. So, here's a dating tip: during your first date, or perhaps your first three dates, you might want to reign in the heavy-handed conversation. Talk about things that interest and matter to you. But you have to remember that intense, successful connections develop over time, and you have to be willing to give them time to develop.



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