Dating Tips; Googling your date

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Should I google the person that I’m going on a date with?

Dating Tips; Googling your date

Don't pretend like you haven't tried it before; we've all Googled people in our lives. So why shouldn't you Google a person that you're going to date? There are arguments both for and against. Yes, Google is an excellent way of gathering information quickly about a person, but you have to remember that it is information provided out of context. Try this simple test: Google yourself. Now look at the information Google provides about you and ask, “Does this really represent me?” Chances are, Google just gives you just a few details that express very little about who you really are. This is the kind of information Google will give you about a potential date. It may be nice for a little background, but it provides a very incomplete picture.



12/9/2006 1:25:23 PM
Yori said:

How do you google your crush. Can you give me a step by step on how you do it? (I know it sounds stupid)This is a great idea by the way!

7/20/2007 1:51:22 AM
eDgE-hEaD4LiFe said:

I don't know about other people but I can never find anyone that i am dating on google, or myself...

10/24/2007 8:43:55 AM
brandon said:

how do i get the felling that she likes me


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