Know The Jargon For An Online Dating Site

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What is does all the jargon for an online dating site mean?

Know The Jargon For An Online Dating Site Tip: Going to an online dating site means you'll be entering a world with a language of its own that you'll need to get familiar with. If learning the jargon for an online dating site is making your head spin, this handy guide will help you decipher all the lingo.

The Emoticon – From the smiley face to the frowning face to the winking face, using the keyboard to show an emotion is one form of communicating through the email.

The First Meeting – This is your first in-person meeting with another member of your online dating site. You'll already have a prescreened match who you can either meet right away or email for awhile first. The key to remember is that it's a low pressure, casual experience.

The Instant Message – These quick notes are less formal than an email and let you contact someone with a quick note to say you're interested.

The Profile – This all-important piece of information sums up who you are and who you're looking for to potential daters on your online dating site.

The Profile Photo – You're representing your very best self with a primary profile photo. You'll also have the chance to upload additional photos to show who you are and what your interests are, as well.



3/26/2007 3:28:47 AM
lisa said:

Great tips. I will try this on the one I dated from Hope it works!


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