What to Say on the First Date

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What to Say on the First Date

A first date can be an amazing adventure or a disasterous dead-end, depending on the conversation involved. Knowing what to say on the first date can be hard, but there are some things you should definitely save a later time.

What Not to Talk about on a First Date

1. Your Ex. Do not spend any amount of time talking about your ex on the first date. The first date is for you to get to know each other, not for you to have a willing audience to bash your ex.

2. Family Problems. If your Aunt Susie is a raging alcoholic who abuses your Uncle Buddy, the first date is not the time to bring it up! Save the family drama for another time.

3. Things You Hate. If your date asks you about your interests and you spend all night talking about all the things you hate, you can bet that there won't be a second date. Keep your comments and attitude positive. Talk about things you like (music, tv, movies) instead of things you don't (pancakes, anything celtic, programming your TiVo). You can spend time bonding over the things you hate after you have gotten comfortable with each other.



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rojee said:

pretty amusing coz i'm juz going for ma first date


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