When to Introduce the Kids

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When to Introduce the Kids

When you are dating and you have kids, it's hard to know when to introduce your significant other to the children. Never introduce them until you have made a commitment to have an exclusive relationship. Once you have made this commitment, you should still wait at least 3 weeks before introducing them to the kids.



11/10/2011 6:34:00 PM
Feeling like I will never be able to have someone again said:

That's all good advice, however, do you have any advice on how to deal with kids when you are dating? You know, beyond the surface stuff of when to introduce them to each other. Things like how to handle situations when your children are rude to your significant other and reluctant to allow them into their lives? I am well beyond 3 weeks into the relationship. I have known my boyfriend for almost 20 years and we began a committed relationship well over a year ago and my children met him about a two months ago. If you have any advice on dating with children, such as what kinds of things can be done to help the children open up to forming a relationship with your significant other it will be greatly appreciated.


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