Be Creative

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How can I impress someone before we even go out?

Be Creative

Men and women like being asked out in creative ways. To impress the person you are asking out, consider:

1) writing a poem or greeting card
2) sending a small gift with an invitation
3) decorating the front door of their house, apartment or dorm room
4) sending them tickets to one of their favorite events
5) finding out what they enjoy doing and planning a date around their interests

The more the date is designed around their interests, the more creative they will find it...and the more likely they are to say 'YES!'



9/2/2006 2:26:57 AM
Joe said:

umm I dont think so, that kinda makes it seem like ur a bit desperate, it's like giving them a dozen roses on the first date.. not gonna work

7/4/2008 11:11:49 PM
Deb said:

Decorating their house? That would creep me out. (Stalker?) Ask the old fashioned way, but be specific: "I'd love to take you to the Colts game on Sunday. What do you think?" Who cares if she just wants to go to the game? She is going with YOU and you will have plenty of time together to develop something!


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