Differences That Spell Trouble

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What differences can spell trouble in a dating relationship?

Differences That Spell Trouble

In his book, "Finding the Love of Your Life", Dr. Warren writes, "If you and I had the time, we could tell one story after another about couples who had some differences and still built a satisfying marriage together." It is still important to consider what differences could cause most trouble in a marriage. Dr. Warren lists the following:

1)Energy Level--When one person has a lot of energy and the other person has very little, we have the makings of major problems.

2) Personal Habits--When two people differ here, there can be a slow and steady erosion of their union. Some of the habits that can create conflict include punctuality, cleanliness, orderliness, dependability, responsibility and weight management.

3) Use of Money--This is listed as the number one or two reason why couples divorce. Money management should definitely be discussed prior to marriage.

4) Verbal Skills and Interests--Having similar interests and being able to share thoughts is very important for long-term happiness.

Couples should take time to access these four areas while they are dating; if not addressed, they can cause trouble later in marriage.



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