What Should I Wear?

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What should I wear on a first date?

What Should I Wear?

We know first impressions are important, and we'd like to think they're primarily based on personality, right? Wrong. First impressions are largely about on how we look. So when you're getting ready for that all-important first date, think about what you are going to wear. Dress to impress, but also dress to show your personality. Keep in mind the activities you have planned for evening, and dress accordingly. If you initiated the date, make sure your invitee knows your plans as well so that he or she can dress appropriately.



9/28/2006 6:04:55 PM
Zak said:

I guess it depends on the place you're going too...you dont want to wear sweats and a t-shirt...i know i wouldnt...

5/17/2007 11:38:06 AM
Leigh said:

Thanks for the info. I'm meeting him at a church softball game, so I knew it would only be practical to wear jeans (not cutsie capris, a tank top, and heels), but I wasn't sure about the top and shoes. I wanted it to look casual, but nice too. I ended up with low-rise jeans with a belt, a hooded pullover (green and white,) and my white Sketchers. I think it looks great.

7/10/2007 5:33:47 PM
Daphne said:

On my date I wear a dress earring crown watch necklace bracelet shoe. I date Sam soon at tonight. He like me as a girlfriend. I want a boyfriend.

10/12/2008 6:43:29 PM
isaac said:

iam 9 years old and that help me thanks

4/18/2009 2:57:17 AM
david mbugua said:

its cool,but am meeting her in a restruant.should i wear jeans or officer wear


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