What Is Self-Love and How Does It Apply to Dating

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How does self-love apply to dating?

What Is Self-Love and How Does It Apply to Dating

Loving oneself is an important factor in developing dating skills. Below are some behaviors that are present when someone truly loves him or herself:

a) acknowledging and praising yourself verbally--to yourself
b) surrounding yourself with people who nourish you
c) developing your creative drives
d) having fun
e) surrounding yourself with beauty
f) creating an abundant network of friends
g) rewarding yourself
h) having confidence in your abilities
i) letting yourself win
j) following your own intuition
k) seeing your own perfection
l) taking credit for what you did
m) seeing yourself as equal to others
n) letting in affection

If you truly love yourself, you exude an air of confidence and good will that makes you more attractive to potential dating partners. So, love yourself!



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