Three Faces of Love

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What components make up a loving relationship?

Three Faces of Love

Dr. Robert Sternberg suggests we look at love as a triangle. If love is equally divided, it includes commitment, intimacy and passion. Commitment, the cognitive component of love, is all that some couples have left after intimacy is lost and the passion has died. Intimacy is the emotional component of love. Some people can bare their souls to each other but have little in the way of commitment or passion. It's a high-level friendship. Passion, the motivational component of love, rules in some love triangles. This might be an affair or a fling in which there is little intimacy and even less commitment. According to Dr. Sternberg, all three components must be present in a long-term, healthy relationship.



9/3/2011 3:20:43 PM
joey said:

love is a circle. not a triangle.


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