Love: Is It Enough To Marry

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How can I tell if I am in enough love to marry him/her?

Love: Is It Enough To Marry

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your love to see if it is enough to marry.

1) Do you enjoy his/her company (really enjoy it)?
2) Are you proud of him/her in company?
3) In your mind how does he/she fare in competition with others?
4) Is he/she personally attractive to you?
5) Is there more than physical attraction?
6) Do you need his/her physical presence to keep you enthusiastic about him/her?
7) Do you love him/her as a person or do you merely like your feelings about him/her?
8) Do you have serious doubts about your love?
9) Do you love him/her in your calmer moments?
10)Are you in love with him/her or what he/she can give you?
11) Over what matters and how frequently do you have conflict?
12) Have you found a satisfactory way to settle conflicts?
13) How do you weather a crisis together?
14) Are you willing to make concessions or do you expect him/her to make them all?
15) Do you forgive, tolerate, accept, overlook, or resent his/her faults?
16) How much do think of his/her welfare--can you set yours aside for his/her?
17) Do you think in terms of WE? How do you think you will feel about him/her five, ten, or fifteen years from now?
18) Do you have common interests and goals?
19) Does he/she wear well with you?
20) Has enough time elapsed for you to tell how you really feel?
21) Are you attracted to him/her for what he/she is or for what you read into him/her?



2/19/2008 5:40:50 AM
Tshepo Motau said:

Yeah, I know marriage to be the huge step one can take. I am single so I really value this questions as a guidelines for marriage. Marriage is not to be seen as an obligation (i.e. I marry because people say I must) but to see it as a willingness to committ to my potential life partner.

7/21/2008 7:49:05 AM
lonelyheart68 said:

we have all that for each other, our only downfall is that my physical contact needs are much higher than hers. With all this in mind, what do I do to raise those contact needs in her or just dimenish those in me without me having to suffer the losses?


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