Differences Between Men and Women

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What are the differences between the genders in dating relationships?

Differences Between Men and Women

Dr. Bernard Murstein reminds us of a common saying: "Women give sex for love, men give love for sex." Murstein provides some interesting evidence to support this claim. Consider the following:

1) Men more than women enter a relationship with the desire to fall in love and report being initially more attracted to their eventual fiancees.

2) Men tend to fall in love earlier than women.

3) Men are less willing to marry without being in love.

4) In general, men appear initially much more geared to romance than women.

5) Once serious courtship is under way, the woman's love may be a better predictor of the course of the relationship. Even if she is more involved with him, she may break up the relationship if she thinks it is going nowhere.



10/8/2009 3:56:04 PM
Stephanie said:

I don't believe this at all!!


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