Asking Out In Advance

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How far in advance should I ask a girl out?

Asking Out In Advance

Often, when we want to ask someone out on a date, we get excited and ask for that every evening! We don't mean to be rude; we're just excited! But it makes it appear that we think our date is just sitting at home, waiting to be asked out. If you do want to ask someone out, give him/her some advance notice. Don't put added pressure on by asking right before you want to go out. Even if they want to go out with you but have other plans, it makes it confusing and mixed messages are sent. Show respect for the person and his/her schedule by giving plenty of advance notice -- a week minimum. That way, you'll have lots of time to plan a special night.



8/10/2006 3:08:37 PM
Ellie said:

omg that doesn't help me much i'm so confused because i like this boy and i asked him out by text and he hasn't text back and i think his fone is off but i'm scared that if i ring i'll seem pushy, what shall i do?


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